Friday, December 21, 2007

Tales of a leveling warrior

I've been working on my Warrior for about a week now and it's been an interesting experience.

He's now level 27 and as I was hoping, he's already run a lot of instances. Within the past few days, I have received spontaneous whispers to run WC, BFD, SFK and RFD, which I was all too happy to accept. I don't know about you, but this never happened to me on any other character except maybe my Priest (but that was long ago: now that Shamans and Druids have had their healing power buffed quite a bit, Priests are no longer the exclusive healers of way back then).

I make a point of never turning down an offer to run an instance since 1) it's good practice for tanking and 2) the experience is too good to pass up, even with the new accelerated xp.

As for leveling speed, the boost is definitely noticeable. I'm still following Joana's powerleveling guide but I now have the added comfort of being able to skip quite a few quests whenever I feel like it (which is especially convenient for these elite quests that Joana solo'ed with his hunter but which cannot realistically be done with any other class except for a Lock). Add instance runs to the picture and I'm leveling so fast it doesn't even feel like a grind any more.

It's quite funny to see that even without trying, my Warrior is already decked up in blues to the point that I've wondered about hitting the BG as a true twink, but then I realized I would have to run... ohnoes.

Can't wait to get this guy to Outland.

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