Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here are the dps charts from our latest Sarth3D kill last night.

Top DPS. I haven't seen that since the early days in Black Temple on my Rogue, and Rogue DPS has been declining steadily ever since.

I still find it disturbing that a Death Knight that has been raiding for basically two weeks can top the dps charts like this, even though Sarth3D is obviously very AOE intensive.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you're surprised about Blizzards pet DK class and their amazing dps output. In my guild, we have a few DK's that are sustaining 3.5k dps and possibly higher now as they are getting better gear.

What I *am* surprised about is when Blizzard releases 3.1 patch potentially with the second consecutive rogue nerf. I am ok with the 3.9 nerf as they did provide a boost with SnD and Hunger for Blood (boosting Raiding potential) but now they are looking at nerfing talents/glyphs such as the vigor glyph and overkill?

If I don't see the equiv heal/dps nerfs for other classes I will strongly consider dropping my rogue main all together - enough is enough...

Rogues were designed to be the top close quarters, single target DPS class - now were just bench-warmers in PVE land... pathetic.

Cedric said...

Yup, totally agree. You are preaching to the choir, by the way: my main used to be a rogue until a month ago. I was very unhappy with my raid dps given my gear (close to best in slot everywhere), and after trying a few tweaks here and there (Combat, Mutilate, switching gear around, etc...), I decided that the rogue class was in a very poor shape.

And as you say, the latest changes are just lukewarm buffs evened out by lukewarm nerfs, so my rogue is now retired for good.

Sad, I played this class for 3+ years and I really love it, but it's just not much fun to play any more.

thejackal said...

Hi Cedric,

sorry if this came off as a rant to your post it wasn't. I put in *mucho* time into building my rogue and found the only place that I have a fighting chance is in pvp-land. Now Blizz says that we're too OP in PVP - my time might be up ;)

Anyway good to chat with you...