Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sartharion + 1 Drake

It was a pretty good week for us: not only did we kill Malygos in 10 man but we also had our first kill of Heroic Sartharion + 1 Drake (Vesperon, the health one). I give Heroic Malygos less than a week to live.

The Sartharion fight was a lot of fun and deliciously chaotic and so far, it qualifies as the supreme test of "don't stand in shinies". Our initial attempts made all the expected mistakes one by one: being overrun by adds, people dying from void zones, people being wiped by lava walls, tail swiped while running away from a wall, and of course, any combination of the above ("running away from a wall and then running into a void zone" or "tail swiped and then swept by a wall", you get the idea).

We debated a few times the strategy once inside a portal. The questions were:
  • Get all the DPS in or only melee and range stays out to deal with adds?
  • Go all out or try to time the kill so we come out of the portal right after a lava wall?
What ended up working for us was "All DPS inside" and "Go all out and be careful when you come out". There is still a little bit of risk associated with this last part but being hit by a lava wall doesn't have dramatic consequences and with our DPS, the Acolyte inside the portal usually goes down in less than fifteen seconds.

As for the rest, we tank Sartharion in the upper left part of the island and the Drake in the lower right corner.

It took us about one hour and a half to get the kill.

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