Saturday, November 17, 2007

A funny Arena encounter

Last night, my Druid partner and I started our arena game stealthed, as we usually do, and we were fairly puzzled by the behavior of our two opponents (Paladin and Warrior): they headed straight for the middle of the Nagrand arena and both started dancing.

Now, we've seen a few cocky teams in our various encounters, and since some of them actually turn out to be pretty good, we decided to take no chance and to spend a minute or so trying to figure out how to handle these prancing gentlemen. Once we agreed, we started our circling maneuver and opened the fight. To our surprise, the warrior went down very fast without getting a single heal or a bubble. We switched to the paladin, whose dancing steps quickly disappeared in a flurry of slicing blades and swift mangles. The fight was over in less than two minutes.

As we were both trying to figure out what just happened, I took a look at the name of the opposing team and read... "Dancing for Epic Welfare".

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