Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The impending Arena mayhem

I don't know about you, but with Season 3 starting today, I plan on staying away from the Arena for a few days.


A couple of reasons:
  • Season 3 is starting today, so all the ratings are being reset to 1500... which means that dozens of 1800+ teams are going to be busy steamrolling their way back to their ratings in the coming few days. In other words, there is a very high likeliness that you will be matched against teams that are hundreds of points above your level, which guarantees that you'll be slaughtered for hours on.

  • To make matter worse, not only are these teams way better than yours, but they are also much better geared than they were yesterday: any player who's been in the Arena for a few months has been diligently hoarding points in prevision of today. A lot of them are sitting on 5000 points as we speak, which means that as soon as the realms are back online, they will purchase two if not three pieces of Season 3 gear.
Moral of the story? I'll probably be hanging out in ZA or raiding SSC until the dust settles in the Arena, but then... I'll be back with some new gear of my own. I can't wait.

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