Monday, October 27, 2008

Pet achievement

In my quest to complete achievements that require some effort, I recently decided to try to get 50 pets, which is quite a challenge since I'm starting with basically two...

So far, I have accomplished the easy part (stock up on pets that are sold by vendors) and I have rounded up 25 (still no Sinister Squashling though :-(). Now the hard part begins.

My next action items is to keep farming Dead Mines for the parrot dropped by the pirates on the boat. Cookie also drops a Siamese Cat but I already have it (forgot where I got it).

There's also another pet dropped by a rare in the Undead area, which I'm planning on farming.

Quite a few pets can be easily bought by Alliance characters, too. I have a 60 Alliance Priest, but she's parked on a different server and I don't feel like paying for yet another transfer, so I'm probably going to create a Human character, have her run all the way to Booty Bay, transfer some money to her via the neutral auction and then send her on a shopping spree (which might take a while since she'll be running and some of these pets are in remote areas, such as Darnassus). And then I'll sell the pets back to my Horde main via the neutral AH.

There are also two Engineering pets that can be used by non Engineers (the yeti and the toad), but they're a bit painful and costly to assemble, so I'll save that for last.

Another thing I need to investigate is whether I completed the three chicken escort quests. I'm pretty sure I did but I'll have to double check. The sad thing is that if such is the case, I probably destroyed the reward and I haven't been given the option to resurrect it from the NPC. Sigh.

Oh and of course, there are numerous web sites that have the full directory of pets (about 100 as of today), but I thought I'd share my findings so far.

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