Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tenris Mirkblood and the incoming plague

We did the new Karazhan boss yesterday, it's a good opportunity to visit an area that nobody ever goes to (even as of today, I have never killed any of the animal bosses). The good thing about Mirkblood is that he drops a pet for all members of the raid and an axe that can be used as an air guitar.

Other than that, we also did the two Necropole quests (one of which requires a group). It's good fun, but probably painful on a PvP server. Once we had our objectives, we all flagged ourselves to rain some mayhem on our fellow alliances anyway. Also, it's worth hanging around longer to pick more Necrotic Runes since you can buy a cool summoning horn for 40 Runes (don't forget you need 10 more to turn in the quest). Oh and for 8 Runes, you can get the Argent Dawn tabard, which has an achievement of its own, if you're into that.

The quests end there, though, so a bit disappointing. Hope there's more to come.

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