Friday, October 31, 2008

Selling pets for fun and profit

Out of curiosity, I bought a few extra pets with my Alliance character, which I then put up on the Horde AH. All these pets cost 0.5s and I put them up for 12g.

They sold within a few hours.

Intrigued, I bought more and slowly increased the initial bid and buy-out prices to find out how far I could push it... None of my auctions ever expired, they all got bought out. I'm talking about items bought for 0.5s that I am now selling for 40g. Crazy stuff.

I just make sure that I only ever put one kind of each pet (there are 4 cats, 3 moths and 3 owls) and as soon as one sells, I put up another one, just to maintain the perception of scarcity. Also, I'm probably going to start buying out any pet that I see on sale for less than 10g in an attempt to monopolize the market.

I'm guessing this is working well because transferring pets across factions requires either two different people or two accounts, which most players can't practically do. What most players have, though, is gold and an incomprehensible hunger for achievements.

I don't know how long this will last, but I have made close to 1000g over the past 48 hours just by spending a few minutes at a time at the AH, and this is probably the first time I encounter a money scheme that blows the Dailies out of the water.

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